The E-Crm Project

ABC Project...................The CRM sys requirement

Download the software mentioned below on to your system. These software would be required at various points of time in the project. It is advisable to start with the download of Download Accelerator, as this will help you in downloading the software faster.

The links to the software sites:

Download Accelerator                     This is to help you download the rest of the software faster

Portal                                                  Link To Portal Site

Microsoft Project 98                          Link To MS Project Download Site

Yahoo                                                 Download Yahoo Messenger

Win Zip                                              Zip your files

Vantive Client ( I have the CD)     For Vantive Users and developers

Oracle Client                                   For Accessing the Db and creating Aliases

TOAD                                              For accessing the Database with Advanced features and GUI

FTP Software                                   To help In FTP

E-Fax                                                This would be a USA Fax number. Faxes to site outside USA would be cheaper.

Adobe ACROBAT                          To Read the PDF Files

The sites which you could visit for help is

Oracle                  ZDNET                   Another Download Site

Links to Documentation

Vantive Client Installation Document Part B

Vantive Client Set-up PLUS Document

Vantive Client Installation Document Part A